Preschool Program


Applications for the preschool programs for the new school year will be mailed to families on our mailing list.

If you would like to get your child involved, please contact DaNeil at 218-749-8130 x1116, or by e-mail at to receive information.  




To enroll in early childhood programs in Minnesota, children must have up to date immunizations or file a legal exemption.  Parents may file a medical exemption signed by a health care provider or a conscientious objection signed by a parent/guardian and notarized.  Our school district follows Minnesota law with regards to immunizations and your child will not be able to attend any early childhood programming if immunizations are not up to date.
  No child with overdue immunizations will be allowed to attend.
If you need assistance obtaining immunizations please contact the St. Louis County Health Department at 1-800-450-9777 for information about low cost or no cost immunizations.