Mission Statement – The mission of ISD 2142 is to provide a high-quality education that empowers students to be career, college, and community ready.

Vision Statement – The vision of ISD 2142 is to be a model of excellence where:
  • Students are engaged and discover their individuality, love of learning, and demonstrate confidence and capacity for success with high academic standards
  • Curriculum and instruction is innovative, rigorous, and supported by partnerships inside and outside the classroom.
  • Communities are connected in the education of their children and work cooperatively to prepare students with life skills.

Core Values:
Community – ISD 2142 believes that community schools are effective schools that provide a safe, positive, and supportive environment in which all students have the right to be educated.  Local resources and industries provide unique learning opportunities for students.

Accountability – ISD 2142 has system-wide accountability for all students, staff, administration, and members of the school board.

Diversity – All individuals are valued for their diverse talents, backgrounds, cultures, and viewpoints.  

Responsibility – A student’s education is a shared responsibility of the student, family, school, and community.

Excellence – The district promotes outstanding performance of students and staff with emphasis on high academic standards.