Advisory Resources

1st Advisory Period on Wednesdays
Developmental Designs – use for 1st advisory for greetings and community building activities, NOTE: scroll down to where it says themes then select Advisory: Greetings or Advisory: Activities
Creative and Critical Thinking Activities

2nd Advisory Period on Wednesdays
NOTE: this is also a time for class or group meetings – see schedule for details

Problem Solving/Critical Thinking
Puzzles and Problems
Critical Thinking Worksheets
Brain Food – riddles, puzzles, etc. to solve
Links to more critical thinking sites
Braingle – Brain Teasers, puzzles, etc.

Signal Words Handouts
Context Clues Worksheets

Interactive Math – group star board activities
On-Line Manipulatives – use with star board
Math Games
Open Ended Math Problems
Test Prep Workbooks for Grade Levels

Test Taking Strategies
Test Taking Tips
Test Survival Tips
Multiple Choice Test Taking Tips
Test Prep Workbooks for Grade Levels
test-strategies[1] PPT

Relaxation Activities

Career Searching Sources