ISD 2142 St. Louis County Schools Administration & Office Staff


Cherry School 
3943 Tamminen Road
Iron, MN 55751
218-258-8991 Phone
218-258-8993 Fax

Mr. Michael Johnson Principal Ext. 2301
Mr. Zachary Swart Dean of Students Ext. 2119
Ms. Sherry Nelson Secretary I Ext. 2302
Ms. Mindy Adkins Secretary II Ext. 2305
Mr. John Zupetz Counselor Ext. 2306
Ms. Gabrielle Christianson Director of Health Services Ext. 2365
Ms. Kira Buus Nurse Assistant Ext. 2365
Ms. Shelly Sauter Head Custodian Ext. 2303
North Woods School
10248 East Olson Road
Cook, MN 55723
218-666-5221 Phone
218-666-5223 Fax

Mr. John Vukmanich Principal Ext. 5301
Mr. Gerald Oehler Dean of Students Ext. 5309
Ms. Crystal Scofield Secretary I Ext. 5302
Ms. Carol Erickson Secretary II Ext. 5305
Ms. Connie Harju Secretary II Ext. 5311
Ms. Jill Stark Counselor Ext. 5306
Ms. Teila Nelson Nurse Ext. 5307
Ms. Wendy Pierce Nurse Assistant Ext. 5307
Mr. Steve Bartolus Head Custodian Ext. 5303
Northeast Range School
30 South Drive
Babbitt, MN 55706
218-827-3101 Phone
281-827-3103 Fax

Ms. Kelly Engman Principal Ext. 4301
Ms. Kathy Vraa Secretary I Ext. 4302
Ms. Sara Powell Secretary II Ext. 4305
Ms. Joan Kjorsvig Counselor Ext. 4306
Ms. Teila Nelson Nurse Ext. 4307
M Nurse Assistant Ext. 4307
Mr. Bruce Warren Head Custodian Ext. 4303
South Ridge School
8162 Swan Lake Road
Culver, MN 55779
218-345-6789 Phone
218-345-6790 Fax

Mr. Andrew Bernard Principal Ext. 3301
Ms. Jessica Bialke Dean of Students Ext. 3309
Ms. Lori Miller Secretary I Ext. 3302
Ms. Carlye Olson Secretary II Ext. 3305
Ms. Trcia Neubarth Counselor Ext. 3306
Ms. Gabrielle Christianson Director of Health Services Ext. 3307
Ms. Suzie Janke Nurse Assistant Ext. 3307
Mr. Mike Schwartz Head Custodian Ext. 3303
Tower-Soudan School
415 North 2nd Street
Tower, MN 55790
218-753-4040 Phone
218-753-6461 Fax

Mr. John Jirik Assistant Principal Ext. 6301
Ms. Ilona Svedberg Secretary I Ext. 6302
Ms. Teila Nelson Nurse Ext. 6307
Ms. Ilona Svedberg Nurse Assistant Ext. 6302
Mr. Ken Marsyla Head Custodian Ext. 6303
ISD 2142 District Office
1701 North 9th Avenue
Virginia, MN 55792
218-749-8130 Phone
218-749-8133 Fax

Dr. Reggie Engebritson Superintendent Ext.
Ms. Jeanne Sopp Superintendent's Administrative Assistant Ext. 
Ms. Kristi Berlin Director of Teaching & Learning Ext.
Ms. Kim Johnson Business Manager Ext.
Ms. DaNeil Sirjord ECFE/Preschool Director Ext.
Mr. Mike Vieau Facilities & Grounds Director Ext.
M  Indian Education Director Ext.
Ms. Kay Cornelius Transportation Director Ext
Ms. Jessica Hannine Transportation Assistant Ext.
Ms. Meredith Carter Human Resources Director Ext.
Ms. Nicole Ayres District Accountant Ext.
Mr. Joe Lescarbeau Benefits Coordinator Ext.
Ms. Carol Spragg Payroll Coordinator Ext.
Mr. Dave Persons Ed-Fi (MARSS) Coordinator Ext.
Ms. Melissa Cappo Accounts Payable Ext 
Ms. Angie Baasi District Office Secretary Ext.
Mr. Jeff Oian Technology Director, Ed Midwest LLC                                      
(507) 857-1111
Ms. Kim Jordan Director of Federal Programs Ext.
Ms. Alicia Isom Project Aware Ext.
Ms. Lisa Perkovich Check & Connect Coordinator Ext.